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               RADON CAUSES CANCER

Radon is colorless, odorless gas that is difficult to detect without the proper instruments. It is present almost everywhere. Radon is radioactive;
therefore, it is hazardous. When radon decays, it emits radiation in the form of subatomic alpha particles. If alpha particles are inhaled, they can lodge in the lungs and cause cancer.

most radioactive materials are immobile solids, emitting their particles deep within the ground, and do no harm. However, gaseous radon finds its way to where people live. The combination of radioactivity and gaseous mobility and the formation of fine particles is more life threatening than radon's actual degree of radioactivity.

Radon is a natural link in the radioactive decay chain of elements, which begins with uranium. Uranium is scattered throughout the earth's crust.
Wherever uranium is found, radon forms. Because radon is a gas and is mobile, it will not remain where found. At this time, nobody is certain where
high concentrations of radon will occur.

Radon has been found throughout the United States in various levels.
The fact that a person lives in a neighborhood where high levels of radon have been found does not indicte that his or her house has a high level of radon. Some homes within high-concentration areas have been found to have low levels of radon.

The only method to determine radon level in a residence is to test.

Riteway Services can test for radon in your home, we place a small canister in your home from 2 to 4 days , pick it up and deliver it to a state certified laboratory for testing and call and or send you the test results.
Test results are strictly confidental and for your information only.
Riteway Services does not do repairs and will not try to sell you anything.

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